About Us

North Doddington Farm is a mixed family farm in the Glendale Valley in the far north of Northumberland. It lies on the confluence of the rivers Glen and Till at the foot of the Cheviot hills.

As well as dairy cows, we grow wheat, barley and oats and rear sheep for fat lamb production. Milking started in 1950 and when the third generation became involved in 1993, an artisan cheese business commenced. Ice cream followed in 2000. From starting literally with a bucket in the kitchen sink, the business has developed to supply some of the UK’s most prestigious cheese shops in London and beyond. Our original Doddington cheese is also frequently exported to North America. From Fife to Yorkshire, the Doddington ice cream brand is now a sought after product in many stores, restaurants and theatres.

The Doddington herd is made up of Fresian and Ayrshire crosses and currently we are breeding back to the traditional British Fresian. The milk is very suitable for cheese making and the cross breeding of our cows makes for much healthier stock with hybrid vigour. These cows are known as ‘dual purpose,’ that is to say they produce quality milk but are also suitable for beef production. Our cows graze outside in spring, summer and autumn, only to come into sheds full time at the onset of harsh winter weather, which is not that unusual for such a northerly latitude. Milked twice a day, their diet consists largely of grazed grass in the summer and home grown silage, fodder beet and cereals in winter.

At the dairy we do not have a shop and are not open to the public.