About Us - The Cheese Team

The people behind the iconic cheeses.

Kevin Woodcock - cheesemaker and chief cheese waxer; this man can wax lyrical all day long!

Christine Taylorson - is our agent despatch, busy all day long tasting and caring for our cheese; orders are made up with precision, ready for uplift and delivery.

Maggie Maxwell - cheese maker and cow milker, always on the farm in some capacity, if you are passing Doddington and can hear someone singing, it is usually her!!

Hilary Macarthur - just started with us in the cheese and is a great addition to the team, Admiral Collingwoods and Baltics will be under her re-mit, beer washing is such fun!

Elaine Farr - our Mrs Farr operates the grand central of Doddington Dairy, busy answering phones and fielding calls and information to every part of the business; she operates a tight schedule of gathering orders from London to Callander and works out the logistics in double quick time.

Farewell to Bev Wood; we would all like to say very best wishes to Beverly Wood, just left to go back into full time education after eight years with us. We will miss the cheese banter around the cheese vat.