About Us - Maggie's Story

It’s amazing - its seems like a life time ago (over 20
years!) that I stood in a telephone box in the South
Island, talking to my brother Neill from 12,000 miles
away and him explaining that he’d bought some cheese
making equipment and was busy formulating a
recipe for our first cheese at Doddington.

When I’d left to see the world I had already done a cheese
making course at Reaseheath, but having spent time in China,
Australia, New Zealand and the U.S., I had found my vocation,
I wanted to make cheese and live in one of the best places in
the UK - Northumberland !

For over fifty years now the cows at Doddington Dairy have grazed in the
pastures of the Glendale Valley, nestled at the foot of the Cheviot hills.
The Dairy Herd was brought to Doddington by John Maxwell Snr,
my grandfather and my father Malcolm, in 1944, from their family
farm near Lockerbie. The cows that graze the lush pastures North
Doddington farm are descendants from this original herd. The herd is
made up of black and white Freisian Holstien, Ayrshire and a small
number of Montbeliards, these are traditional cheese making cows and
hail from the Alsace region of France; their milk is used to make
Emmental and Gruyere.

We are currently making six different cheeses at the dairy and are busy
developing a seventh in our new cheese making area, built during the Spring
of 2011. Doddington, Berwick Edge, Cuddy’s Cave, Smoked Cuddy’s Cave,
Admiral Collingwood and Baltic are all hand crafted from the fresh, sweet milk of
our own Cows. On cheese making days the milk is delivered to our cheese vat
within minutes of the cows being milked and the cheese making process begun. Throughout the year the cows graze the various grasses and herbage abundant in the fields adjacent to the dairy and in Winter they are brought inside to protect them from the East Coast winds and snow.

The fact that the cheeses are all made from fresh unpasteurised milk, means that the flavours vary throughout the year and season to season; this is the Magic of on farm cheese making. To taste a Springtime Doddington ( 12 months later), when the first flush of grass has taken place is like nectar, the cheese is golden from the grass fed pasture and it melts on the tongue, with hints of caramel and nuts.

Doddington cheese is a living product, made by real people, from real cows and ripened in our cool, clean Northumbrian air. There is no substitute for the real thing. As a small cheese producer, we can only make so much in our little cheese vat and we strive to pass on current information to all our customers on a regular basis as regards supply, quality, seasonal flavour differences and new product development. It is a business where patience is a virtue, cheeses mature at their own pace, much like a good wine and if there is a gap in availability, we hope that you will understand why.

At the dairy, we all have a lot of fun, it is hard work, but there is always something exciting to work on; a new cheese or a new ice cream. We are blessed to have a fantastic team of people and a wonderful dairy herd, the farm is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK. You can stand high in the Cheviots and look across to the Sea, you can walk on isolated beaches, spot Otters on the river Till and witness Barn owls, small owls and Tawny’s in the Glendale valley. Although we are not open to the public and do not have a farm shop, our cheese and ice cream is available in many local outlets and the cheese can be purchased by email and payment by cheque or Bacs.