Admiral Collingwood


Admiral Collingwood is a cheese of great distinction befitting Nelson’s right hand man at Trafalgar.

This semi soft raw milk cheese rind is washed in Newcastle Brown Ale. This confers extra flavours as it’s characteristically pink rind develops. On tasting it’s buttery savoury undertones give way to an effusively complex aftertaste. Collingwood is made using traditional rennet, comes in a minimum of 1 kg square truckles and is aged for up to 10 months.

Please note: Admiral Collingwood contains GLUTEN.

Serving suggestion

A great complement to the sweetness of a quince jelly together with a rough oat cake. The faintly honeyed notes of a glass of chilled pinot grigio completes the taste experience.

Dates on Cheeses

Once dispatched, cheese wedges will remain delicious for four weeks. You can keep Admiral Collingwood whole cheeses unopened for up to two months. However once you cut into the wax, the cheese will remain good for four weeks.

Notes: All cheeses contain MILK. Images are for illustration only.