Doddington’s Hotspur Cheese is hot and fiery – just like its namesake.

Sir Henry Percy – the eldest son of the 1st Earl of Northumberland – nicknamed Harry Hotspur, was a Knight so fierce that it was thought that his spurs were on fire as he led his men into battle.

Hotspur is made from our own raw unpasteurised Doddington milk, based on a Dales style of cheese. It is matured for about 4-6 months, before being marinated in extra virgin olive oil and coated in cracked black pepper before being left to mature for a further month. The smooth textured cheese has a multi-layered complex taste that leaves a firey kick.

Serving suggestion

A great complement to the sweetness of a quince jelly together with a rough oat cake. The faintly honeyed notes of a glass of chilled pinot grigio completes the taste experience.

Dates on Cheeses

Once dispatched, cheese wedges will remain delicious for four weeks.

Notes: All cheeses contain MILK. Images are for illustration only.