Where The Magic Happens

Our cows graze under the dark skies of Glendale in one of the least inhabited regions of the UK.

It is in this unspoilt and timeless landscape that our cows produce the fresh raw milk that creates our range of UNIQUE hand crafted cheeses.

The intense flavours of our cheeses are due to the wonderfully rich and complex microflora that our raw milk contains – microflora that are unique to this particular farm.

As with a highland distillery producing a single malt whisky or a tiny vineyard in Burgundy, Doddington cheeses are not just from the Cheviot hills of Northumbria, they are OF the Cheviot hills of Northumbria.

These real and authentic cheeses with their seasonal nuances in flavour are cheeses with a deep and distinct sense of place.

Quite unlike any other cheese around – cheeses from Doddington are crafted under the Dark Skies of Northumbria – where the magic happens!