Capability Brown


Capability Brown is like a Darling Blue without the blue veins so is similar to a White Stilton or a Caerphilly.

Capability is a smooth and delicately flavoured cheese with hints of  lactic and lemon . it has a white bloomy rind, it is made from our pasteurized cows milk and is comes in 1 ½ – 2 kg wheels.

Serving suggestion

As is often done in Yorkshire, a rich fruit cake and wash down with a glass of Marsala or a Moscatel sherry.

Dates on Cheeses

Once dispatched, cheese wedges will remain delicious for four weeks. You can keep Capability Brown full cheese unopened for up to one month. However once you cut into the wax, the cheese will remain good for four weeks.

Notes: All cheeses contain milk. Images are for illustration only.